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Ongoing maintenance of your Gaming License

Once you’ve got your Curacao gaming license and the applicable corporate structures in place, you need to maintain it. Annual reports, compliance, processes, renewal fees, and various other matters all require periodic attention. Furthermore, you will likely want to expand your business as time goes on. This could include adding additional payment accounts, expanding the business description, changing directors or shareholders, or adding additional licenses to your portfolio. Annual renewal fees for the Curacao gaming license are also low.

Curacao Gaming License Tax

An online gambling company operating in Curacao enjoys a tax rate of zero and zero on corporate tax. As long as revenue is generated outside of the country, there is no tax payable on any of the income to the Curacao gaming company.

This is fantastic news for operators, especially startups and entrepreneurs who will be looking to keep costs low. The best thing is that these zero tax rates are still within international rules meaning you are not breaking the law.

Curacao is a solid option for startups and a seal of approval for legitimacy, online gambling operators in Curacao comply with the EU Code of Conduct against harmful tax practices.

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